Warsaw DentalMedica Show is a three-day International Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine organized by PTAK Warsaw Expo.

During the event offers of producers and distributors from the broadly understood dental industry and aesthetic medicine are presented. It is also a Congress dedicated to both industries. Warsaw DentalMedica Show is characterized by a mixed concept – a business platform, as well as a space for dentists and dental assistants who want to broaden their knowledge based on practice.

The innovation of the project is a combination of an industry event – fairs and congresses, with a great show.

Thematic areas:

  • Stomatologia i Medycyna Estetyczna
  • Innovation and modern technologies
  • Ergonomic Dental Clinic
  • Open Leaderboard
  • Expert Panel
  • Career
  • Hosted Buyers
  • Design & Style
  • Architecture
  • Finance
  • Legal advice
  • Education
  • International
  • Show


Ptak Warsaw Expo is the largest trade fair center in Central Europe. It was created for the organization of fairs, exhibitions, as well as conferences, congresses, concerts, performances and other events. A huge exhibition area (133,000 m2 in 6 spacious halls), 500,000 m2 of total area, as well as great technical facilities and excellent location – all this makes the organization of events limited only by the imagination.
In the previous year, the Ptak Warsaw Expo hosted over 30 trade fair events and events, also prepared by external organizers or in cooperation with them. Some of the events were moved to our center from other trade centers.

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Successful inauguration of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

In Ptak Warsaw Expo, between 6 and 8 September, the International Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine was held for the first time. Although it was a start, we can already talk about organizational success. And invite to the fair for a year.

176 exhibitors appeared at the Warsaw fair, representing around 760 marks, including such potentates as DCI Edge, FedesaSiger, Gantus, Blend-au & Oral-B, Saevo, Being, Trident, Fona, Getida, Osid, Vatech, Midmark, Diplomat, 3M Epse, Cerkamed, Dentsply, HeraeusKulzer, SDI, Planmeca, DMG, Densply, Kulzer, FGM, Kerr, S eptodont, Voco, W & amp; H, Poldent. Live, in one place you could see their full offer and the package of new products – what visitors visiting the fairs eagerly used.

Many people pointed to the new direction of the fair – combining the dental sector with everything important for the aesthetic industry. How close these directions could be seen during many shows, lectures and panels that were held simultaneously in several conference rooms. In some of them, treatments were presented live, in others the issues of interest were discussed in detail – from strictly medical and practical, to legal issues, for example the introduction of the RODO and the practice of running a dental office. The substantive level was provided by a group of outstanding Polish and foreign authorities, including: Renata G贸rska, Professor Giulio Rasperini, dr hab. n. med. Jan Kowalski, dr.Marcin Aluchna, prof. Andrea Corbo, diploma hig. Magdalena Suszy艅ska, dr n. Dorota Sta艅czak-Sionek, dr n.med. Joanna Sitko-Gap, dr hab. n.med.Pawe艂Plakwicz, dr n.med.Piotr Oko艅ski, dr n.med. Bart艂omiej G贸rski, dr n.med.MonikaBorakowska-Siennicka, prof. dr hab. n.med. Edward Franek, prof. dr hab. n.med. Piotr Pruszczyk, dr hab. n.med. Ewa Monika Czochrowska, lek. stom. Wojciech Ryncarz, dr n. Med. Maciej Jagielak, dr n.med. Jakub Zwoli艅ski, dr n.med. Anna Skwarek.

Professionals were also interested in sessions for EduAsyst Hygienists and Assistants. Their experience and practical knowledge were shared at the congress as the lecturers of certified hygienists: Magdalena Micha艂owska, Jolanta Bielecka, Katarzyna Ostrowska, Karolina Kopciewicz-Kozicka, Marzena Cesarz, Natalia Szel膮g, and Danuta Rozmarynowska.

The exhibitors also took care of the shows and trainings. They appeared thanks to m.in. representatives of Philips and Procter & amp; Gamble, presenting on the one hand new products, on the other focusing on practical aspects of their use.

Respect also raises statistics: 89 lecturers conducted 35 workshops and 92 lectures. All this took place in 17 rooms, and 660 people from the industry signed up for the congress.

– This is a great day for us – said Krzysztof Kawa, director of Poland at Procter & amp; Gamble, emphasizing the importance of a good location Ptak Warsaw Expo – For us it is very important that the fair takes place in the center of our country, which has so far been lacking – he commented.

– We wanted to return the great dental event to Warsaw. It worked – said Dr. hab. n. med. Jan Kowalski. – We are counting on the fact that in the dental calendar of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show will stay permanently – he added.

The event was also met with a very positive reception in the industry – It is quite good and without taking the correction that the Warsaw Dental Medica Show is a completely new venture in the dental industry – noted the prestigious industry portal Infodent24.pl. Many exhibitors

confirmed the thesis, noting that even after the first day of the event they could already be satisfied with the conversations and contracts concluded.

The fair also means the possibility of less formal meetings – in the evenings, after the end of the conference and business talks at the Ptak Warsaw Expo, the participants could admire performances of the Cabaret Moral Anxiety and Stefano Terrazzino. The recital of Edyta G贸rniak was applauded for a long time and ended the Friday evening at the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. Earlier prizes were awarded – the list of winners below.

The unique atmosphere was also conducive to the decisions to return for the year. The next edition of the fair is planned for 5-7 September 2019. Already today, both participants of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show 2018, as well as those who for various reasons at the first fair event could not come for the show, apply for it.

za rozmach prezentacji targowej i ergonomiczn膮 aran偶acj臋 przestrzeni wystawienniczej

za efektown膮 aran偶acj臋 powierzchni wystawienniczej

POLDENT Sp. z o.o.
za ciekaw膮 aran偶acj臋 stoiska

KOL-DENTAL Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.
za efektowne wyst膮pienie targowe

za ciekaw膮 aran偶acj臋 stoiska targowego

za efektowne stoisko targowe

MEDITRANS Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.
za efektowne stoisko targowe

PPH CERKAMED Wojciech Paw艂owski
za rozmach prezentacji targowej i efektowne stoisko

EUR-MED Polska Sp. z o.o.
za efektowne stoisko targowe

za ergonomiczn膮 aran偶acj臋 stoiska i ciekaw膮 prezentacj臋 targow膮

za ciekaw膮 aran偶acj臋 stoiska

za efektown膮 prezentacj臋 targow膮

dla dypl. hig. Anity Walczak
za aktywne dzia艂ania i wsparcie organizacyjne przy realizacji konferencji dla asystentek i higienistek stomatologicznych podczas Warsaw Dental Medica Show

dla Ma艂gorzaty Kasprzak-Guzek, firma YOUVENA
za aktywne dzia艂ania i wsparcie organizacyjne przy realizacji bloku warsztat贸w z medycyny estetycznej podczas Warsaw Dental Medica Show

dla Wojciecha Paw艂owskiego, w艂a艣ciciela firmy CERKAMED
za ogromne wsparcie merytoryczne i wsp贸艂prac臋 przy tworzeniu idei targ贸w Warsaw Dental Medica Show

dla dr. hab. n.med. Jana Kowalskiego
za aktywne dzia艂ania przy tworzeniu i realizacji programu kongresu naukowego podczas Warsaw Dental Medica Show i przewodniczenie Radzie Programowej Kongresu

dla prof. dr. hab. n.med. Renaty G贸rskiej
za nieoceniony wk艂ad merytoryczny przy tworzeniu koncepcji oraz budowaniu programu kongresu naukowego podczas Warsaw Dental Medica Show