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  • 11:30 - 12:30Workshop: Anatomia on kadawer + demonstrationdr hab. n. med. Agnieszka Przystańska

    We invite you to the workshop "Anatomy without taboos, or facial anatomy - how to avoid complications in aesthetic medicine and dentistry treatments. Demonstration of dissection on the cadaver."

    Human non-fixed preparations (so-called cadavers) are the most advanced form of medical education. Apart from the lack of blood supply, the preparation is almost identical to the patient's living tissue. Each doctor has the opportunity to revise his anatomical knowledge.

    This is a unique opportunity for you to gain or consolidate knowledge about individual fields of aesthetic medicine and to verify the techniques used so far.

    The dissection program includes: dermis, superficial and deep SMAS fat compartments, vessels and nerves, ligaments, platysma, and so-called dangerous zones. 'Danger zones'.

    We cordially invite you on Thursday, 5.09 hours. 11:30 am.

    The workshop will be conducted by dr hab. n med. Agnieszka Przystańska. She is a dentist, in 1994 she graduated from the Medical University of K. Marcinkowski in Poznań. In 2004, she obtained a doctoral degree in medical sciences in the field of dentistry. She is an academic teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching anatomy and a laureate of teaching awards for teaching in Polish and English. Anatomy is her job and passion. She cooperates with the Poznań Lab Institute of Practical Medicine as a co-organizer of cadaver courses for doctors. Her research interests mainly concern the anatomy of the head and neck. She is the author of numerous publications in the field of anatomy, morphology of the masticatory organ and dentistry in Polish and foreign journals.