We join forces to act even more effectively

Zarządzasz placówką medyczną? Prowadzisz działalność leczniczą? Szukasz pracy w ochronie zdrowia?

Visit us in the Experience Fusion zone during the 3rd International Trade Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine in Warsaw and see how we can help you.

Experience Fusionis a joint initiative of four companies that have been operating on the medical market for years. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to individual medics and health care managers. Our strength lies in the variety of experiences and unique knowledge that allows us to support medics in their daily challenges on a daily basis..

Strefa Kariery i Rozwoju

Nasza Strefa Kariery podczas Warsaw Dental Medica Show jest czymś zupełnie nowatorskim na rynku! Przygotowaliśmy szereg aktywności, których celem jest połączenie pracodawców z pracownikami. Głównym partnerem Strefy Kariery jest firma portal-medica.pl. 

Are you looking for employees? Present your offer during the Warsaw Dental Medica Show! Fill out the form and we will display your job offer in our zone!

Are you looking for a job in the industry? Do you want to send your CV to potential employers? Fill in the form!

Szukasz pracowników? Zaprezentuj swoją ofertę podczas Warsaw Dental Medica Show! Wypełnij formularz, a my wyświetlimy Twoją ofertę pracy w naszej strefie!

Formularz dla pracodawców

Szukasz pracy w branży? Chcesz przesłać swoje CV do potencjalnych pracodawców? Wypełnij formularz!

Formularz dla kandydatów

As an EMPLOYER, you will be able to take advantage of the following options during the fair:

  • Career Zone –dzięki naszej przestrzeni będziesz mieć możliwość zaprezentowania się jako pracodawca, porozmawiania z potencjalnymi kandydatami oraz przedstawienia swojej oferty. Będziesz mógł porozmawiać z kandydatami na swoim własnym stanowisku w Strefie kariery..
  • Speed Recruitment – have you heard about speed dating? During our event, you will have a unique opportunity to have short recruitment interviews with candidates! In a specially arranged space, you will have the opportunity to have initial talks with potential employees! We will take care of organizational matters, you only come to the appointment.
  • Lectures for employers – during the fair, lectures will be held on creating recruitment advertisements, effective candidate search and building an attractive employer brand.
  • Notice board –you will have the opportunity to present your job offers in a modern, multimedia form. All you have to do is provide us with your recruitment advertisement using the form below..

Jako KANDYDAT podczas targów będziesz mieć możliwość udziału w:

  • Career Zone –thanks to our space you will have the opportunity to meet potential employers and get acquainted with their offer..
  • Speed Recruitment – have you heard about speed dating? During our event you will have a unique opportunity to have short recruitment interviews! It will be a great opportunity to gain valuable feedback and find an employer!
  • Feedback zone – our zone offers the possibility to consult your CV and the chosen career path. You will be able to meet and talk to professional recruiters.
  • Substantive workshops – During the event, we also planned workshops for candidates, during which you will learn how to prepare your application documents and how to effectively search for a job.
  • Notice board –you will have the opportunity to learn about current job offers in the industry and talk to potential employers..

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Who we are?

  • Portal-Medical are made up of recruitment specialists. For over 8 years, we have successfully mediated in hiring the best specialists in the industry, supporting both parties - candidates and employers in this process. We operate in two ways: running a portal that collects job offers in medicine and running a recruitment agency specializing in the recruitment of medical workers.
    More on: https: // www .portal-medicahr.pl/

  • Serwis Lawyer Lekarza and the lawyers who make it up, is a law firm specializing in medical law. In addition to providing legal services to medical entities and providing assistance to healthcare professionals, they regularly publish and teach about medical law. Interesting, with passion and great commitment.
    More at: https://prawniklekarza.pl/

  • Medidesk is a tool that supports effective management of a medical facility: it allows you to handle all communication channels with the patient, monitor business indicators and marketing channels. The Medidesk team also specializes in training in the professionalization of patient service and sales of health services.
    More at: https://medidesk.pl/en/

  • DCC Grygorcewicz Development Consulting Coaching works with owners, managers and teams of medical facilities, helping them to achieve better results in a healthy atmosphere . The DCC Grygorcewicz team specializes in group and individual training and coaching in the areas of management, leadership and entrepreneurship, increasing efficiency and commitment.
    More at: https: / /dcc-grygorcewicz.pl/