Multidisciplinary meeting in Warsaw

We invite you to multidisciplinary dental technique workshops, 15 different practical trainings, the opportunity to meet leading Polish lecturers in one place on September 6-7, 2019 in Warsaw.
Workshop organizers: SilverDent Foundation together with Ptak Warsaw Expo.
Workshop place:
September 6: Ptak Warsaw Expo, Aleja Katowicka 62, Nadarzyn.
7-8 September: Medical Secondary School No. 3 for them. dr. Andrzej Krocin in Warsaw.
Duration of practical workshops: 4 to 16 hours of practical classes (depending on the topic).
Lecture organizers: SilverDent Foundation together with Ptak Warsaw Expo.
Place of lectures: Ptak Warsaw Expo, Aleja Katowicka 62, Nadarzyn.

Applications and further information: SilverDent Foundation ,

Practical workshops:

Place: PTAK

  • Krzysztof AdamusDigital wax-up; complete dentures digitally designed.Workshop no 1

    Work in CAD / CAM. During the workshop, participants will design diagnostic waxing on an intraoral scan using the patient's photo, as well as design a digital model, preparing the whole thing for 3D printing. During the second part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to try out software for designing full dentures.

    Duration: 6-8 hours.
    Maximum number of participants: 14 people

  • Michał DutkowskiDigital orthodontics.Workshop no 2

    Orthoanalizer program. Preparing a virtual set-up, designing the course and time of treatment, preparing a set-up model for printing.
    Duration: 3 - 4 hours
    Maximum number of participants: 8 people

  • Maciej MłynarskiThe devil is not as scary as he is modeled! - that is, an implantological model in the laboratory.Workshop no 3

    During the workshop, each participant will make a plaster model based on a silicone impression from an individual impression tray. He will learn the rules of proper preparation of an impression with transfers and replicas of implants ("lab-analogs") so as to reproduce the ideal position of the implant in the model. The participant will have the opportunity to learn about the effective use of a silicone gingival mask and the elements of the Adin Dental Implants implant system.

    Duration: 4-5 hours.
    Maximum number of participants: 12 people

  • Tomasz CiaputaABC of articulation in the dental laboratory.Warsztat nr 6

    Description: During the training, each participant will have to mount the upper model to the articulator. The assembly will take place from the transfer that we get from the dentist's office. The lower model will be articulated in CO (CENTRAL OCCLUSION). Then we will set the articulator according to the appropriate registers. Each participant will learn to use the articulator. Then everyone will start modeling the wax-ups. The next stage will be the control of laterotrusion and protrusion movements with the made wax-ups. At the very end, there will be a demonstration of the use of the facebow.
    Duration: 4-6 hours.
    Maximum number of participants: 10 people

Place: MSP no. 3

  • Michał DutkowskiDesigning a frame denture in CAD / CAM software.Workshop no 7

    Description: Preparation of a prosthetic model and drawing a design of a future prosthesis on its surface, scanning the prosthetic model in the 3Shape scanner. Transfer of the model scan with the drawing to the 3shape Dental System software, determination of the individual path of insertion of the future prosthesis using the optimization function of the introduction path. Virtual blocking of undercuts on the model, exposing the places for future supports with wax, setting the retention elements on the virtual model. Designing infusion channels, saving the design and preparing for printing or casting, developing a denture model (traditional methods). Delivery of the finished restoration.
    Duration: 6-7 hours.
    Maximum number of participants: 8 people

  • Wiktoria JurkowskaŁącznik indywidualny w 5 minut – zrób to sam.Workshop no 9

    Opis: Co to jest łącznik indywidualny, co go odróżnia i dlaczego jest zdecydowanie lepszy od standardowego. Rodzaje i metody wykonywania łączników indywidualnych w pracach opartych na implantach. Kiedy i jaki łącznik wybrać. Fakty i mity (cena, stopień skomplikowania). Przykłady kliniczne. Uczestnicy wykonają łącznik hybrydowy oraz zaprojektują łącznik indywidualny - tytanowy.
    Czas trwania: 4 godziny.
    Maksymalna ilość uczestników: 8/10 osób

Place: MSP no. 3

  • Jacek WrzeszczAkron is a modern solution for the aesthetics of skeletal dentures.Workshop no 15.

    Description: the participant models the lower skeletal denture on a duplicated model of the investment compound, floods the finished work with the investment compound, casts the ring, processes and polishes the structure, introduces the work to the working model, prepares the metal for the production of acron aesthetic buckles, models the buckles on the prepared model with the structure metal, can work and make injection channels, steams and injects itself, frees the work from the can, processes and adjusts to the model.
    Duration: 16 hours / 2 days.
    Maximum number of participants: 10 people