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Tomasz Gedrange

Jacek Ciesielski

Mariusz Lipski

Paweł Andersz

Joseph Choukroun

Lectures – 1 October 2020 (Thursday)

Congress Hall


Orthodontic treatment of adult patients before prosthetic treatment – Prof. dr hab. n. Tomasz Gedrange, MD

The lecturer will present important issues how to combine the disciplines of dentistry within integrated dentistry and conduct orthodontic and prosthetic treatment of patients.


The use of air abrasion in dentistry – lek. stom. Paweł Andersz
The following issues will be discussed during the lecture:
– what is air abrasion and what can it be used for in a dentist’s office (e.g. cavity preparation, increasing adhesion in the case of crown-root inlays, veneers and crowns as well as repairing porcelain or cleaning orthodontic brackets from adhesive, removing cement)
– abrasive sandblasters for painless cavity preparation and abrasive micro-sandblasters
– differences between the preparation of the cavity with an abrasive sandblaster and drill, benefits for the doctor and the patient, limitations of the method
– practical comments on the technique of work
– case presentation


The use of silicon-calcium cements in the treatment of the pulp-dentin complex in children and adults – prof. Mariusz Lipski
The lecture will discuss the silicon-calcium cements currently available on the market (MTA preparations, synthetic bioceramics that require mixing, bioceramics in the form of one paste) used in the reconstruction of tooth tissues and endodontic treatment (condensable and flow materials). Their advantages and disadvantages as well as the state of knowledge regarding their effectiveness will be presented. Particular attention will be paid to their clinical application – own cases will be presented. The presentation will be enriched with clinical photos and videos showing the treatment techniques used.


dr n. med. Jacek Ciesielski
“Muscle Phenomenon”
In the presentation, the lecturer will present his own concept of how to determine the height of the central occlusion, using the patient’s craniofacial muscles.

ONLINE congress hall


Dr. Joseph Choukroun, Nice, France
The use of autologous growth factors, stem cells and the three-dimensional fibrin matrix of the PRF preparation in the Aesthetic Medicine of the face. World premiere of the “PomPac” system.

During the webinar, the most important elements of the successful PRF treatment in Aesthetic Medicine, the biology of PRF preparations, the regeneration scheme and blood centrifugation protocols according to the latest research will be presented. The webinar will also be supplemented with practical, clinical experience, schemes of working with the patient’s own blood in regenerative treatments, and the possibility of influencing the volume of replenished tissues. The lecturer will present the latest innovation, the premiere of the PomPac system, which enables longer use of the centrifuged preparation.


B.D.S. M.D.T. B.B.A Stephan Lampl
“Live Demo – treatment demonstration” “on-line”


B.D.S. M.D.T. B.B.A Stephan Lampl
“Introduction to Edelweiss dentistry” “on-line”


PhD, Msc Dent PDD Desiguar Moodley
“Aesthetic reconstruction and rehabilitation of the masticatory system” “on-line”


PhD, Msc Dent PDD Desiguar Moodley
“Pediatric crowns, tooth reconstruction with post and core inlays and our new Edelweiss blocks” “on-line”