Successful inauguration of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

Successful inauguration of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

At Ptak Warsaw Expo, the International Trade Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine was held for the first time between 6 and 8 September. Even though it was a start, we can already speak of an organizational success, and invite you to the fair next year.

176 exhibitors represented about 760 brands at the Warsaw fair, including such giants as DCI Edge, FedesaSiger, Gantus, Blend-a-med & Oral-B, Saevo, Being, Trident, Fona, Getidy, Osida, Vatech, Midmark, Diplomat, 3M Epse, Cerkamed, Dentsply, HeraeusKulzer, SDI, Planmeca, DMG, Densply, Kulzer, FGM, Kerr, S eptodont, Voco, W&H, Poldent. Live, in one place, you could see their full offer and a package of novelties – which was eagerly used by visitors to the fair.

Many people pointed to the new direction of the fair – combining the dental sector with everything important for the aesthetic industry. How close these directions could be seen during the many shows, lectures and panels that were held simultaneously in several conference rooms. In some of them treatments were presented live, in others interesting issues were discussed in detail – from strictly medical and practical to legal issues, e.g. the introduction of the GDPR and the practice of running a dental office. The substantive level was ensured by a group of outstanding Polish and foreign authorities, including: Prof. Renata Górska, Prof. Giulio Rasperini, dr hab. Jan Kowalski, MD, Marcin Aluchna, MD, prof. Andrea Corbo, Dipl. hig. Magdalena Suszyńska, Ph.D. Dorota Stańczak-Sionek, MD, PhD Joanna Sitko-Gap, dr hab. PawełPlakwicz, M.D., Piotr Okoński, M.D., M.D. Bartłomiej Górski, M.D.MonikaBorakowska-Siennicka, prof. dr hab. Edward Franek, prof. dr hab. Piotr Pruszczyk, dr hab. Ewa Monika Czochrowska, MD stom. Wojciech Ryncarz, dr Maciej Jagielak, Ph.D. Jakub Zwoliński, Ph.D. Anna Skwarek.

Professionals were also interested in sessions for EduAsyst Hygienists and Assistants. Qualified hygienists Magdalena Michałowska, Jolanta Bielecka, Katarzyna Ostrowska, Karolina Kopciewicz-Kozicka, Marzena Cesarz, Natalia Szeląg and Danuta Rozmarynowska shared their experience and practical knowledge at the Congress as speakers.

The exhibitors themselves also took care of the demonstrations and training. They appeared thanks to, among others representatives of Philips and Procter & Gamble, presenting new products on the one hand and focusing on the practical aspects of their use on the other.

The Statistics are inspiring: 89 lecturers conducted 35 workshops and 92 lectures. All this took place in 17 rooms, and 660 people from the industry signed up for the congress.

– We wanted the great dental event to return to Warsaw. It worked – said dr hab. n. med. Jan Kowalski. – We hope that the Warsaw Dental Medica Show will be a permanent fixture in the dental calendar – he added.

The event was also very positively received in the industry – It is quite good and without taking a correction to the fact that the Warsaw Dental Medica Show is a completely new venture in the dental industry – noted the prestigious industry portal Lots of exhibitors

confirmed the thesis, noting that even after the first day of the event, they could already be satisfied with the talks and contracts concluded.

The fair is also an opportunity for less formal meetings – in the evenings, after the conference and business talks at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the gathered could admire the performances of Kabaret Moralny Niepokoju and Stefano Terrazzino. Edyta Górniak’s recital, which ended Friday evening at the Warsaw Dental Medica Show, was also applauded for a long time. Earlier awards were given – the list of winners below.

The unique atmosphere was also conducive to decisions to come back next year. The next edition of the fair is planned for 5-7 September 2019. Already today, both participants of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show 2018 and those who, for various reasons, could not appear at the first trade fair event, are applying for it.

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for active activities and organizational support in the implementation of a block of aesthetic medicine workshops during the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

for Wojciech Pawłowski, owner of the CERKAMED company
for enormous substantive support and cooperation in creating the idea of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

for dr. hab. Jan Kowalski
for active activities in the creation and implementation of the scientific congress program during the Warsaw Dental Medica Show and for chairing the Congress Program Council

for prof. dr. hab. Renata Górska
for the invaluable substantive contribution in creating the concept and building the program of the scientific congress during the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

Summary of the 2nd edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show

The second edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show has gone down in history. The International Trade Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine at the Ptak Warsaw Trade Fair and Congress Center is the only such event in Poland that integrates the dentistry and aesthetic medicine community, carried out in the formula of the Great Industry Show. Warsaw Dental Medica Show is characterized by a mixed concept – a business platform, as well as a space for dentists and dental assistants who want to expand their knowledge based on practice. In some of the specially prepared conference rooms, shows and treatments are presented live, in others interesting industry issues are discussed in detail. This great celebration of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine took place in the Ptak Warsaw Expo halls on September 5-7, 2019.

During the event, the offers of producers and distributors from the broadly understood dental and aesthetic medicine industry were presented. As in the previous year, there was also a Congress dedicated to both branches, the content of which was taken care of by the best specialists in the industry: prof. dr hab. n. med. Renata Górska, dr. med. Michał Żarow, dr. hab. med. Paweł Plakwicz, dr hab. n. med. Jan Kowalski, dr hab. Ewa Czochrowska, MD, Ph.D. Piotr Okoński, MD, Ph.D. dent. Jacek Ciesielski, Lidia Majewska, MD, PhD, MD med. Bartosz Pawlikowski, Dr. Elżbieta Podgórska, MD, MD, Ph.D. med. Urszula Brumer, prof. Andrea Corbo.

This year, visitors could take advantage of as many as 14 thematic zones. The organizers divided the Warsaw Dental Medica Show into: the Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine Zone, the Innovation and Modern Technologies Zone, the Ergonomic Dental Clinic, the Open Leaders Forum, the Expert Panel, the Career Zone, the Hosted Buyers Zone, i.e. a meeting platform enabling manufacturers to build lasting business relationships with key partners from the East and West of Europe, the Design & Style Zone, the Architecture Zone, the Finance Zone, the Legal Advice Zone, the Education Zone and the International Show.

The innovative nature of the project attracted over 8,000 visitors to the Ptak Warsaw Expo halls, who took part in 86 lectures, conducted by 87 lecturers and 45 thematic workshops in 25 rooms. 204 exhibitors presented 960 brands. As many as 1,054 participants took part in the Congress alone. It is worth emphasizing the visible increase in interest in the event compared to the first edition, which gathered 5,500 visitors and 173 exhibitors who presented 960 brands.

The organizers of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show also took care for a moment of relax for exhibitors and visitors. On September 5, a Music Evening took place, during which the legend of the Polish music market, Marek Sierocki, performed. He is one of the most famous Polish music presenters, journalist and author of biographical books of famous music bands. The real Show, however, was waiting for the participants the next day, when the famous Lou Bega, a German singer who celebrated his greatest triumphs at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, took the stage. It is precisely to the famous song “Mambo No. 5 “, the exhibitors of the event had fun with the artist’s output.

The Warsaw Dental Medica Show is an event that is hard to put into any frames. It is a wonderful 3 days, during which science and practice, a platform for building business relationships and a unique show, intertwine. We already invite you to the third edition of the fair, which will take place on September 10-12, 2020 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Area for dental technicians during the Warsaw Dental Medica Show – knowledge and practice at its best!

On September 5-7, 2019, the International Trade Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine WARSAW DENTAL MEDICA SHOW 2019 was held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The dental technology industry was waiting impatiently for this year’s edition of the event. Why?

One of the main thematic zones at the fair was the Dental Technicians zone. For the first time on such a scale, the organizers managed to gather industry practitioners on such a scale. Special workshop sessions, attractive lectures, great speakers. And all with a hint of humor, music and fun. We had a small industry celebration at Ptak Warsaw Expo.
The main partner of the zone was HOLTRADE, a leading Polish producer and distributor of materials and technologies for the prosthetics and dental technology sector. In cooperation with another Polish entity, KTI IMPLANTS, a very extensive training and workshop program has been created. – A very open formula of the workshop, world names of the speakers, an extremely active program – all this contributed to a great attendance – says Zofia Deja, marketing director and co-owner of the HOLTRADE group.

– We can safely say that it is a very successful undertaking. Several hundred technicians from all over Poland took part in it, we also had guests from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan – says Agnieszka Dąbkowska, director of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. – We will systematically develop them by adding new elements so that the industry finds its place with us permanently – he adds.
The event also included workshops for dental technicians organized in cooperation with the Silver Dent foundation. In numbers, it is over 100 participants, 6 workshop rooms and an attractive program of activities adapted to the current trends in the industry.
It is already known today that the entire event will continue in this shape. It can be safely said that in Nadarzyn a place created especially for technicians has finally been created. On behalf of the editors of Nowoczesnych Technika Dental – substantive partner of the fair and the zone, we invite you to the next edition of the fair today!

Warsaw Dental Medica Show 2019 – over 200 companies from the dentistry and aesthetic medicine sector, over 1,000 participants of the congress and workshops for dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians, 86 lectures and congress presentations and 45 practical workshops. The next edition of the fair and the congress will be held on September 10-12, 2019

Use your presence at the fair!

Use your presence at the fair!

The Warsaw Dental Medica Show will inaugurate the period of conferences and fairs in the dental industry in 2021. This is a particularly important year, taking into account the past 12 months marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and virtually complete stagnation in such events. Particularly important in this situation will be proper preparation for the upcoming trade fair in order to save yourself money and unnecessary stress. So where to start?

What kind of stand do you need?

It all depends on the assortment you have and the plan for the fair. If you want to present the equipment of a dental office, it is worth taking care of adequate lighting and openness of the stand so that the equipment is easily accessible to visitors. The same is true in all cases, be they hygiene products, clothing or other dental products – they need specific elements of the building. You can count on our support in this respect, thanks to the experience gained during the organization of hundreds of events from various industries, we will advise you on the best solutions

Don't forget ...

Often, in the organizational vortex, the most obvious issues that have a colossal impact on the final reception fall out of our heads. So what if your equipment will look great on the stand, if a potential buyer from the dentist’s office will not be able to check how they work due to the lack of electricity? These are seemingly trivial issues, but of great importance.
The same is the case with the meeting place. Fairs are characterized by the fact that they are by nature a loud event – the sound system at stands, stages, conferences and murmuring conversations are not favorable conditions for conducting fruitful business talks. Preparing a well-equipped corner for such negotiations will certainly have a positive effect on your sales.

Invite to your stand!

From the very first edition, Warsaw Dental Medica Show has enjoyed a large group of trade visitors at the fair, necessary for exhibitors. Dentists, owners and managers of clinics and offices, dental assistants and hygienists, and in fact representatives of the entire dental industry, participate every year in a wide and very substantive conference program, and thus also visit the exhibition.

In addition to the knowledge acquired during the panels, our visitors are looking for new products and equipment necessary for their work. This is a perfect opportunity to attract industry professionals with their products, and in order for this to happen, you should ensure proper communication before the event, which we also support through our channels. Premieres, presentations, the opportunity to talk with a specialist, discounts and all activities prepared for the fair are information worth sharing both before and during the fair!

Take care of your client

When a potential customer appears at your stand, you should take care of him properly. Do not let him feel lost or ignored – it is important to estimate the number of employees involved in the fair well, especially with heavy traffic, which takes place during the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. Appropriate promotional materials, demonstrations of equipment capabilities, as well as skilful communication of information about own products are a simple way to fair success.