The latest methods of reconstruction and regeneration of enamel and dentin as well as effective solutions in the fight against hypersensitivity.

The latest methods of reconstruction and regeneration of enamel and dentin as well as effective solutions in the fight against hypersensitivity.

Clinical tests have shown high efficiency in the restoration and remineralization of enamel and dentine thanks to the use of products from the CURASEPT BIOSMALTO series. 7 years of research conducted in cooperation with renowned partners such as ISTEC-CNR, KALICHEM, BETAFARMA, CSIC Spain, allowed for the creation of an innovative and specialized formula based on 3 patents and 3 functional substances providing protection for all ages and needs.

The CURASEPT BIOSMALTO line includes three innovative FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES based on biomimetic, biocompatible and bioactive materials that stimulate the mineralization of enamel and dentin.

CURASEPT BIOSMATLO makes it possible to stop early carious lesions and successfully eliminates white spots. It works strongly against abrasion and erosion damage, stimulating their reconstruction and remineralization, creating a NEW MINERAL PHASE, more resistant to acid attacks. BIOSMALTO PROTECTION products are an effective way to prevent caries and damage related to erosion and abrasion. On the other hand, BIOSMALTO SENSITIVE with the addition of strontium salt is an excellent tool in the treatment of hypersensitivity that may appear after whitening, scaling, smoothing the root and removing tartar.

CURASEPT BIOSMATLO toothpastes and mouthwashes – for children and adults – contain a mixture of 2 different hydroxyapatites that enable the development of biomimetic properties necessary for effective remineralization: 1. Hydroxyapatite substituted with magnesium, strontium and conjugated carbonate with chitosan called a bioactive complex and 2. Fluorohydroxyapatite. Substitution with Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate makes CURASEPT BIOSMATLO highly reactive hydroxyapatite, able to quickly release bioactive elements that lead to proper remineralization using natural biological processes. In addition, the presence of fluoride helps to create a mineralized surface that is more resistant to acid attack to better protect against erosion, abrasion and brushing damage. The preparation was additionally enriched with strontium salts to quickly reduce pain in the case of dentin sensitivity.

In people particularly predisposed to strong demineralization (suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome, diabetes, chemo / radiotherapy, dry mouth, wearing braces, white spots or frequent tooth decay) it is recommended to use CURASEPT BIOSMATLO Mus as a preventive measure . It is based on amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) enriched with carbonate and fluorine, externally functionalized citrate. On contact with saliva, the complex dissolves instantly, rapidly realizing the active substances. In this way, a large amount of calcium, phosphate and fluoride is released directly onto the tooth surface as well as in the vicinity of demineralized lesions, while citrate facilitates the penetration of ions inside the tooth. The result is a fast and intense remineralizing effect. CURASEPT BIOSMATLO Mus is also recommended for children. To guarantee the correct remineralization process, it is recommended to use CURASEPT BIOSMALTO in a synergistic combination of paste, rinse and mousse appropriately matched to the age and needs of the patient.