The fourth edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show, the largest dental fair in Poland, is behind us. This year’s edition turned out to be unique for several reasons

First of all: was organized in accordance with all safety rules, which required joint mobilization in complying with the regulations. We are proud that our fair has been appreciated in this respect by an outstanding specialist, prof. Krzysztof Simon.

Secondly: The Warsaw Dental Medica Show was filled with extraordinary accompanying events that allowed the industry to consolidate. As part of them, as many as 58 lectures and workshops were organized, and the exhibitors themselves invited to 33 training sessions and meetings.

More reasons … we can multiply depending on the goals of your participation. And there will be thousands of these reasons, because so many people visited our event.

Ptak Warsaw Expo, the organizer of the 4th International Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Fair and Congresses, would like to thank all the Exhibitors and Visitors for their support and commitment, cooperation and understanding, as well as inspiring conversations. Thank you simply for being able to celebrate with you what is your work, mission and passion. Together, we have created the most important and largest dental event in Central Europe.

At the same time, we invite you to participate in the next edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show (September 8-10, 2022) . We are waiting for your applications and ideas to plan the future of the industry together today! Please register at: Warsaw Dental Medica Show – Dental Fair

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The exhibitors and visitors of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show agree: the fair turned out to be an incredible attendance, commercial and scientific success, realizing how much the dental industry needed consolidation after the difficult period of the last year.

A representative of one of the media patrons of the fair, standing in the center of her stand, praises this year’s Warsaw Dental Medica Show. “Why am I impressed? Because more people visited us than a year ago. The industry missed this meeting very much! ”.

When asked about the benefits of participating in traditional fairs, a dentist replies without hesitation: “Here I can compare the materials of several manufacturers who offer me the purchase of equipment for tens of thousands of zlotys. In addition, many of the features of the new products are unknown to me, and with the technician explaining how they work on site, I can make a more confident decision about what to invest my money in. ”

As we can see, the third day of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show – like the two previous ones – was filled with industry talks, transactions and advice. “The dental industry is not passive, it is constantly evolving. We need new information, new sources of knowledge, ”says the participant of the Congress of Dentistry, leaving the conference room filled with people.

“We are very pleased with such a huge attendance both at the fair and at the congresses themselves,” says Agnieszka Dąbkowska, director of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. “Today, the lectures presented, among others, a premiere device for the treatment of serious malocclusion, which is an alternative to surgery. Ptak Warsaw Expo allows you to get to know the equipment that helps people. It’s not just about business, but about science and health. It’s just beautiful. ”

The last day of the 4th International Trade Fair and Congresses of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine was an excellent culmination of the entire event and a great reward for the efforts of all its organizers. “This fair was so good that you have to repeat it in a year,” say two hygienists as they leave the market hall. “No where there, we didn’t know each other before!” one of them laughs. “We guessed while shopping, exchanged phones, but it turned out that we were going back to the same hotel, so we were going on the bus together.” As a farewell, he adds: “You’ve done a great job, keep it up!”.


The second day of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show has passed. Behind us are exceptional talks, interesting congresses and hundreds of visitors, getting acquainted with the news on the dental market

“First surprise at the fair? Definitely works! ” – laughs visiting the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. It is about the mascots of one of the exhibitors producing dental equipment. However, there are definitely more such surprises during this year’s edition: innovative tools, useful solutions and consultations with specialists who reveal the secrets of their success in the industry.

From the very beginning of the fair, accompanying events: conferences, workshops and trainings have been extremely popular. During the 4th Dentistry Congress, organized by the Polish Dental Society, we were able to meet, among others, the secrets of plastic surgery of the gums and learn about the impact of e-cigarettes on oral health.

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress, whose partners are Galderma and Croma, was especially praised for its specialized symposium. Within its framework, issues related to, inter alia, with the effective use of botulinum toxin in the craniofacial area and the risk of side effects during treatments.

The second day of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show belonged primarily to the EduAsyst congress, devoted to the work of hygienists and dental assistants. The lectures analyzed, among others, periodontal disease treatment techniques, and the principles of epidemiological safety in dental offices were discussed.

Everyone interested in special trade offers, discounts and market news, as well as a unique opportunity to expand their competences and establish profitable business relations, are invited to the third, last day of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show.


The interest of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show exceeded the wildest expectations of the organizers and exhibitors. People who still hesitate to visit Ptak Warsaw Expo, we encourage you to see the photo report from the first day of the fair

“The guests visiting the exhibition stands and filling the conference rooms are the best reward for the effort we put into the organization of the fair” – says Agnieszka Dąbkowska, director of the 4th International Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Fair and Congresses.

The participants themselves are impressed by the various aspects of this year’s event. Exhibitors find themselves at aesthetic and modern stands, visitors appreciate the helpful service and well-thought-out infrastructure of the exhibition hall. At the stands of the leading companies in the industry, we can find specialized equipment, tools and helpful publications.

Along with the official opening of the fair, accompanying events also began: the Congress of Dentistry, the Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, the Day of New Technologies, as well as workshops and trainings; EduAsyst congress will start on Friday. Participants are kept informed of upcoming trainings and lectures thanks to live announcements.

Ptak Warsaw Expo invites all people related to the dental industry and lovers of health and aesthetic medicine to participate in the Warsaw Dental Medica Show.

Warsaw Dental Medica Show, the grand opening of the fair

“This promises to be an exceptional fair” – say the exhibitors and visitors of the 4th International Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Fair and Congresses. The Warsaw Dental Medica Show has just started

The entire dental industry has been waiting for this unique event for months. Three congresses, the Day of New Technologies and numerous workshops and trainings are the great advantages of the fair, which, as every year, is prepared by Ptak Warsaw Expo.

“Creating this year’s edition required a great deal of commitment,” says Agnieszka Dąbkowska, director of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. And he adds: “The support of key companies and associations on the market was a great help for us all the time. They are the basis of our event. “

The strategic partner of the fair is the Polish Dental Society, honorary – Polish Chamber of Commerce for Medical Products POLMED, strategic – Galderma, Cerkamed and DentalHolding, substantive – BTL and Croma, gold Oral-B and EurMed, scientific – Polish Implantology Association, Polish Society of Laser Dentistry and “Dental Implantology”.

The exhibitors also included, among others, Beauty Europe, Enel-med, Optident, KolDental, Denon Dental, Meditrans, Dentomax, Poldent and Ersa Medical. “Many of our exhibitors prepared not only presentations of their latest products, but also interesting trainings and lectures. All this translates into creating a great atmosphere for establishing business relations and expanding your competences ”- summarizes Dąbkowska.

Below we publish the plan of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show, where you can find interesting exhibitors, associations and media patrons.