About us

Warsaw Dental Medica Show

This new event – for the first time and on such a large scale – provides an opportunity for a joint exhibition of equipment, materials and services designed for dentistry and aesthetic medicine. Both these fields – enjoying enormous popularity nowadays, in addition to rapidly developing and becoming increasingly specialised – are part of the strategy for the medicine of the future!

Why such a combination?

Dentistry and aesthetic medicine are two overlapping branches of medical science, enjoying a boom in the global market of medical services. The snowballing increase in the demand for medical and beauty therapies has brought about the development of more and more specialised medical practices and equipment of the highest quality. The experts not only have to keep up with the trends having been set in their respective fields, but also be up-to-date with the latest interdisciplinary solutions. Their spectacular accomplishments attract extensive publicity, as their services are often used by celebrities. Being a great opportunity for the Polish dentistry and aesthetic medicine sector, it is also a challenge and responsibility.

What makes us stand out among the others?


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